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DeWitt's Court began in 1991, when I acquired my first Great Dane, DeWitt's Court Jester.  Jester was a harlequin female, and a challenge, as the nature of this giant breed began to embed itself in my life and my heart.  When Jester was a puppy, a friend invited me to her show handling class and I was forever bitten by the idea of raising, breeding and showing Great Danes.  At a show one weekend I met a lady who would become my mentor in all things Great Dane, and to this day, I remember all she taught me, and the love of the breed she instilled in me.  She also opened a new door for me into the colors of Blue and Black, and those colors to this day are as important a part of DeWitt's Court as are the harlequins and mantles I still breed.  Being true to the teaching of my mentor and the "color code" of the GDCA, I do not cross color breed.  

For the past 26 years I have had a love affair with this wonderful giant breed.  I share my love for Danes with my mom, and with some long time friends and co-owners, and have experienced both the joys and sorrows of Great Danes, their wonderful and often humorous personality, their achievements in the conformation show ring as an owner/handler, the rewards of breeding and raising a beautiful litter of healthy puppies, and the many acquaintances and friendships that Great Danes have brought to my life. 

I hope you will enjoy this new site and find in it all of the hopes and dreams I hold dear.  Thank you for visiting DeWitt's Court Great Danes.


Leigh DeWitt

Carla Rotunda

Christine Compeau

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