July 27, 2002-December 2, 2009
Int. Ch. DeWitt's Court Made Me Blue

From the day she was born until the day she died, she did anything but make us blue....Surrounded her entire life with a smile and a laugh,
Daphne was one of those special and goofy girls who just knew how to make you laugh.  A bit of a flit, she bounced around good natured and
unaware of the serious side of life, curious, eager and always happy Daphne gave us 7-1/2 years of joy. Daphne gave us a lovely litter of blue
puppies.  Spleenatic Cancer stole away her happy nature and took her life before we were ready to say good-bye to her.  Her life and her
comical way will always be remembered with love and a warm smile
Close your eyes and dream, think of me in happiness as often as you
breathe.  Keep close to your heart my memory and I shall never leave.