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The End Of An Era - Zena
July, 2002 - December 2011
The beginning of this particular era at DeWitt's Court was the birth of Namour's litter...the first blue puppies to be born at Leigh's
house..11 beautiful babies, all healthy and happy.  Trunk and Daphne stayed to live with Leigh, and Zena went off to live in a forever
pet home...unfortunately, before she was a year old, Zena came back to Leigh to help deal with some medical issues...ultimately, the
owners decided that Zena was not the girl for them, so she remained with Leigh for the rest of her life...

Zena was the last of the litter to pass on into the spirit world at the wonderful age of 10.5 years of age...

Zena was always a happy go lucky clown of a girl, who captured the hearts of all who knew her...She was kind and comical, friendly to
man or beast...she will always be in our hearts.  
Being wedged between 2 other blues on
the couch was not exactly Zena's idea of