DeWitt's Court Not X-Zach-Ly,TDI,TDIA,TWT,CGG  
03/17/2000 - 01/13/2011
   As the years pass, and the DeWitt's Court family grows, we find
ourselves blessed with special people and special families who know the
deep love a Great Dane brings, and also at times know the sadness of loss
when one of our beloved passes.
   This memorial is in honor of Zak, for his best friend and companion,
Courtney, the bond they shared in life, and the loving memories a young
girl holds in her heart as Zak's spirit crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  
Zak came to live with Courtney, Joy, Dave and Bryan and their farm
friendly family of critters and Great Danes when he was 2 years old
after a limited show career.  He immediately bonded with Courtney and
shared a lifelong and loving friendship.  He was her guardian, she his best
   Zak's life with Courtney was filled with community service, drill team
classes and library reading groups.  Zak was the only dog to receive the
Beacon Award in 4-H for inspiration for others and his hundreds of hours
in community service activities.
   Aside from placing first in Drill Team at the New York State Fair with
Courtney, which event inspired newspaper attention, Zak volunteered at
Duzine School, the Gardiner Library, Castle Point VA hospital, the head
trauma center in Kingston, and Huguenot Street in New Paltz. He taught
animal safety classes to kindergarten students. Zak and Courtney have
twice presented at Cornell Universities March Dog Madness, 1st with the
Children Reading to Dog program, and 2nd with how to organize a Drill
Team.  Zak's complete obituary can be
read here.  It is filled with all the
love and memories Zak created in his lifetime.
   Shown here are some of the photos that are held dear by those who
knew and loved Zak.  His light will forever shine in the hearts of many.

Farewell sweet boy....