The color is called BLUE... a solid steel grey with a bluish cast.....
Although Namour was not my first blue Great Dane, she filled a big empty hole in my heart left by the loss of another very special blue girl named Eve...  Namour arrived from
France at Kennedy International Airport in New York and along with her came her French companion, Marc.  Marc spent a few days with us helping Namour adjust and settle in
before he headed home to France.  Marc made Namour's journey a safe and pleasant one... Namour captured my heart with her overwhelming personality.  She was always a
source of laughter because of the funny things she did.... Namour grew into a big European girl of 35" and 150 lbs, far to much girl for the American show ring... but not to much
girl to fill my heart.  In July of 2002, Namour blessed our home with a litter of 9 beautiful little blue puppies... Three of those puppiies, Trunk, Daphne and Summer you will see on
the pages that follow.  One more, Zena, lives with us as well.... Trunk is an American, Canadian & IABCA Int. Champion, Summer has points in both the USA and Canada and
became an IABCA Int. Ch. in April, 2006, and Daphne also became an IABCA Int. Ch. in April, 2006 and on October 30, 2006 gave birth to 11 puppies.
Just short of a year after the birth of her first litter, Namour, who was then pregnant with her second litter, passed away,  a victim of bloat.  Her death has caused me to take a
good hard look at the merits of stomach tacking (gastropexy) as an aid in the prevention of the torsion part of bloat.

Below are pictures of Namour, my big French girl, her mother and father and her famous Grandfather  Euro Ch. Djumbo Des Chaumes D'Antan, the most titled dog in the world
according the the Guinness Book of World Records....

You can click the link below  to got to Namour's Memorial to see some memories of her life with me.  
Reserve Winner's Bitch, Scranton, Pa, Summer, 2001, Judge Mr. Gladstone
Euroseiger. Ch. Djumbo du pre des
Chaumes -Namour's maternal grandfather
Tito Off Ten Pin Bowls - Namour's father
Hermone Des Chaumes D'Antan - Namour's mother
Forgyn du mas de Majouliere - Namour's maternal