Ch. DeWitt's Court Blue Skies Ahead
DeWitt's Court Speak Of The Devil x DeWitt's Court Made Me Sing The Blues
DOB: November 6, 2012
Putnam KC Show, July 19, 2014
Judge: Mrs. Steinbacher Dalane
Winner's Dog-1 pt
Putnam KC Show, July 18, 2014
Judge: Linda Berberich
Shawangunk KC, June 20, 2014
Judge:  Debra Thornton
Lehigh Valley KC - December 12, 2015
Judge: Beth Riley
WD/BOW - 4pt major
Championship Win
Huntington Valley KC - May 30, 2015
Judge: Sharol Candace Way
WD - 3 pt major
Trenton Kennel Club - May 3, 2015
Judge: Theresa L. Hundt
WD - 3 pt major
Brookhaven KC - 7/11/15
Judge: Dr. Wanda V Spediacci
WD/BOW - 1 pt
Brookhaven KC - 7/11/15 (show #2)
Judge:  Mr. Roland Pelland
WD/BOW - 1 pt
Ramapo Valley KC - October 11, 2015
Judge: Co. Joe B. Purkhiser
Black Mountain KC - October 31, 2015
Judge: Lloyd Amodei
Black Mountain KC - November 1, 2015
Judge: Mr. John Constantine
Kennel Club of Philadelphia
(Bench Show) November 15, 2015
Judge: Mrs. Deborah J. Wilkins
WD/BOW - 2 points
OFA CHIC #: 104070

Hips: Good; Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal (Cardiologist)
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: Normal
Mako is co-owned, loved by and lives with Christine and Kenn Compeau and their two
children, Kayla and Kenny, plus their additional Great Dane, Toddie (see Toddie's page).  Mako
was easily a show dog from the beginning.  Owner-handled by breeder/co-owner, Leigh, he
quickly made an impact in the conformation ring and finished his championship points with a
4-pt major (his third major).  Watch for this handsome boy, in the breed ring in 2016 as he
works toward his Grand Championship.  Mako is exclusively handled by breeder/co-owner
Leigh DeWitt.
Mako and his family.  He has great personality and
wonderful temperament.  True to his breed, Mako proves
that Great Danes make wonderful family dogs.