The candid pictures on this page are of our pets and the pets and owners of our DeWitt's Court family.  New pictures will
be added in the near future.  
O.T. Arrives from Germany!
Leigh and Namour
Latifah, an PennyxOscar
puppy & Tom live in Kentucky
Sadie (OscarxPenny) & Paul,
Halloween, 2005
owned by Dana and Diego
Bo (MalicexPenny) was loved by the
Lemley family.
Thor and Bruno -2 Trunk
sons live together in Ct.
Caleb(Malice x Penny)
a Sallie brother lives
in N.C.
Casey lives in S. Africa
Mason a TrunkxSallie puppy lives in
CT with the Degenharts.
Ozzie a TrunkxSallie son lives
in L.I., NY with the Scalias.
Paige an OscarxPenny
daughter lives with
Kim and Randy
Shrader in Michigan.
Rain another Oscar x Penny
daughter living the the Pearsons in
Santino a TrunkxSallie son lives in
New York with Lisa-Ann and his
forever family
If you are viewing this page and own a DeWitt's Court Great Dane, we would love to add your favorite picture
of him/her.  Email it to my Mom, Carla, at and your photo will be added.
Luca(OttiexCaine) and
Enzo(DiegoxKate) live with the
DeRosa family in NY
Tuki a Trunk x Sadie daughter lives
in Ct with Laurel & Richard Cohen
Luka (Pi x Tuki) & Teya
(Missie pup) live with Jacklyn
Higginson in Canada
(MalicexPenny) was
loved by the Hein