November 25, 1997-July 2, 2003
Because I know it would be difficult for my daughter, Leigh, I write this memorial for her.
I lovingly call all of the DeWitt's Court Great Danes my Grandchildren... and Namour was one of my special grandchildren.  She came from France at the age of 4 months with Marc. a
wonderful man who saw that she arrived in Leigh's arms safely to begin her life in America.  A delightful puppy, Namour grew into a happy and comical girl.  When Namour was around one
was bound to be smiling or laughing.
It didn't take long for Namour to become a part of the DeWitt family and it took even less time for her to take a special place in the hearts of Leigh and  Brent. Her presence in their
household and in their lives completed their love for her. Her untimely death at the hands of bloat left a heavy sadness in Leigh and Brent's hearts and household.
She is dearly missed by her family and friends.  We know that in time sadness is replaced by warm and loving memories and Namour left us with many.  
Below are some candid pictures of those memories and the wonderful blue girl from France who will always be in our hearts.