JUNE 1, 1998 - APRIL 22, 2005
Great Dane ownership is a unique opportunity to share your life, your home and your heart with a true champion of the world... Their grace, their knowing and
loyal manner, their kindness, the joy they show when you enter a room,  their willingness to please all make that ownership very special..... To have the
opportunity to show their beauty to the world in the conformation show ring only adds to the special quality of spending ones life in the company of a Great
Dane.... Such was the case with Malice, for he was a lover of life, always willing to please, always kind and gentle.....Malice was born in our kennel and
brought great joy  into our lives.... His untimely death has brought us great sadness.

Some leave us through old age and we are thankful for the many years we have shared with them, some leave us way to young or in the prime of life and we
are saddened not only by their death, but because we know they had much more living to do...

.....and so it is that  we greive the loss of our big black boy, Malice, who had much more of life to live and who lost a battle during surgery to free an
intestinal blockage....Malice is sadly missed and that his life ended to soon makes the loss more sorrowful....
One winter day I went to Leigh's house to let her  dogs out.. It was cold and icy and I asked Malice to help "grammy" cross the yard to the gate...
He walked by my side very gently guiding me while I held my hand on his strong shoulders for balance... Farewell Malice, I'll miss you.... Grammy
Farewell Malice